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The USYAKS meat certification program is designed to help meat producers market their yak meat

The USDA treats yaks as an exotic species, so yaks fall under the USDA’s triangle stamp program. The rules governing this program allows meat from yak/cattle hybrids to be labelled simply as yak. The Association wishes to offer a higher standard. Meat products bearing the USYAKS Certified label are meat products from yaks that have been genetically tested, and found not to be hybrids. Certified yaks are required to meet the same rigorous purity standards as registered full-blood yaks.

We expect that informed consumers will learn to look for the USYAKS Certification as an indicator of quality.

USYAKS members may voluntarily participate in the meat certification program.


To participate, fill out the online certification form and submit a DNA sample. Meat from yaks that qualify is entitled to bear the USYAKS Certified label as part of your USDA approved label.

After the certification form has been filled out, DNA samples should be mailed to:


Ruth Higdon

5897 County Road 23

Ridgway, CO  81432