Making Nak Yogurt and Ricotta Cheese

Nak Milk Yogurt Heat milk to 180 degrees then cool to 120 degrees then add 2 Tbsps. of other yogurt for culture Incubate at 100-115 degrees for 4-6 hours depending on how thick you want the yogurt, then chill rapidly Fresh Ricotta Cheese 4 Cups Nak Milk ½ tsp. salt ¼ Cup distilled white vinegar Line colander with four layers cheesecloth and set over a large bowl. Combine milk, salt and vinegar and heat over medium-low heat stirring constantly until it reaches 165 degrees  Remove from heat and rest for 2 minutes.  Stir gently for 5 seconds. The milk should separate into curds from the whey.  If not, heat for a few seconds longer and stir again. Use a slotted spoon and transfer curds to the colander and cover with plastic wrap and allow to drain until desired texture. It is great to eat warm and can be stored for up to 5 days in the refrigerator