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Our registry relies on DNA testing provided by Neogen Genomics. The genetic profile provided by this test can help guide your purchasing and breeding decisions. This test has proven to be reliable and accurate. This test:

  1. Establishes parentage,

  2. Shows the degree of inbreeding,

  3. Measures the degree of cattle gene introgression, and reports on Mitochondrial DNA origin,

  4. Provides a complete DNA report, not just a synopsis. The complete report can help you match the right bull to your herd.​

  5. Test for BVD Why is this important?

USYAKS in committed to keeping yaks as pure as possible. Yaks are unique and we want to keep them that way. We will be registering hybrids, but they will be recorded as hybrids with a separate registry. It is important to build a diverse and genetically healthy herd and registration of your animals is a great tool to help breeders make good choices, promote their animals, and to be good stewards of your herd. 


The USYAKS meat certification program is designed to help meat producers market their yak meat

The USDA treats yaks as an exotic species, so yaks fall under the USDA’s triangle stamp program. The
rules governing this program allows meat from yak/cattle hybrids to be labelled simply as yak. The
Association wishes to offer a higher standard. Meat products bearing the USYAKS Certified label are
meat products from yaks that have been genetically tested, and found not to be hybrids. Certified yaks
are required to meet the same rigorous purity standards as registered full-blood yaks.

We expect that informed consumers will learn to look for the USYAKS Certification as an indicator of

USYAKS members may voluntarily participate in the meat certification program.



Complete the registry form and collect your DNA sample. Learn how to collect a DNA sample. 

To register your yak online you will need to have available:


  • Your Herd ID

  • Animal name and Date of Birth

  • Sire and Dam name and registration number if available

  • Photo to upload

  • A DNA sample ID. All registrations require a DNA sample (hair follicle, blood card, or tissue sample). 


Prices:  You will be asked to pay with PayPal or to send a check at the end of the registration


$55/yak registration

11-25 registrations - $50/yak

26 or more registrations - $45/yak

New Members - $45/yak for first year (the year starts on the day you register your first yak)


Registration will take about 3 weeks after your DNA samples and online registration is complete.  Upon completion, your animal will be added to the Registry and appear on your member dashboard.  You will be sent a Registration Record and a personalized ear tag.


If there are any questions or problems, please call Ruth Higdon (970) 623-3216

Once collected, samples should be mailed to: 


Ruth Higdon

5897 County Road 23

Ridgway, CO  81432

To participate, fill out the online certification form and submit a DNA sample. Meat from yaks that qualify is entitled to bear the USYAKS Certified label as part of your USDA approved label.

After the certification form has been filled out, DNA samples should be mailed to:


Ruth Higdon

5897 County Road 23

Ridgway, CO  81432


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