USYAKS will be at National Western Stock Show 2022, but the dates are not yet determined.


Our events at NWSS include the Pen Show, the Halter Show, the Fiber Show, Yak Related Seminars, the Obstacle Course, and the Masquerade Ball. 


We’ve already made our plans for the Fiber Show, but the specifics regarding the other events are still under discussion.




The USYAKS Fiber Committee Invites Members to Enter Their Fiber Arts Creations At The 2022 USYAKS Fiber Show!

Next year in 2022, USYAKS will be highlighting yak fiber, whose value and superior quality have for too long been
overlooked. Yak fiber and fiber arts will be on display and featured front and center at the 2022 National Western
Stock Show in Denver. The Fiber Arts Show will highlight not only fiber arts, such as yarns, felting, knitted/crocheted

items, weaving, etc., but will also feature artists demonstrating their skills in fiber arts.

Fiber Show Classes include the following:



Age Classes

1. Less than 12 months old on 2022 NWSS Entry Deadline
2. 12 months old or more on 2022 NWSS Entry Deadline


Fiber Arts


Finished Items Classes: may be wearable, home goods, utilitarian, etc.

1. Knit
2. Crochet
3. Felting
4. Weaving

Yarn Classes: Must be displayed in like manner, for example, as a hank and not in a ball or twisted skein

1. Mill spun
2. Hand spun
3. Spinnable fiber: Roving, batt, rolag, etc.


Entry Fees:



  • $15 per animal

Fiber Arts


  • $15 per item for people who do not bring animals to the USYAKS show

  • $5 per item for people who do bring animals and show them in the USYAKS show

Rules & Regs:


  • No grooming products are to be used on the animal prior to fiber judging.

  • The judge will be the only one collecting fiber. Owners will not be permitted to collect fiber

  • Yaks must be haltered and tied for collection

  • The number of people in the pen for fiber collection will be limited to the judge(s) and assistant(s), yak owner

General Information


  • Entries for fiber arts must have a description of item on a 3 x 5 card that includes the following


  • Fiber origin (100% yak or percentage blend with other fibers)

  • Whether the product is hand spun or mill spun

  • Method of creation (knit/crocheted, hook/needles, loom, etc.)


  • All fiber and fiber arts products entered in competition must be at least 50% yak fiber

  • Fiber Arts Products may also be brought in for display or sale as well as for competition USYAKS will receive 3% from sales by USYAKS members and 5% from non-members


Keep checking in for additional information as it becomes available.

If you have questions, please email Una Taylor, Chair of the Fiber Committee: