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Welcome to USYAKS.  


USYAKS was formed in 2018 as a member-driven, science-based registry based solely on DNA analysis.  It was formed with the guiding principle that integrity in animal breed associations comes from a high level of transparency in governance.  Accordingly, the USYAKS Association believes strongly in the fundamental importance of cultivating and promoting member involvement.


 US Yaks is a community of yak owners committed to:​

Raising awareness about the merits of yak to the public.

Preserving the diversity and purity of yak through science.

Providing resources for ensuring the well-being of all yak.

This is done through a member-centric structure that promotes a very high level of organizational transparency and works to foster relationship-building amongst yak owners on a national, regional and local basis.




USYAKS is committed to fostering camaraderie and good will among yak owners through the national USYAKS organization as well as through the development of regional and local chapters of USYAKS. These entities will strive to provide a conduit for: 

● Developing relationships between yak owners in order to facilitate potential 

business opportunities, idea sharing, or providing assistance where needed. 

● Working to attract new members and increasing diversity as regards 

farm/ranch sizes, geographic location, years of experience, and male/female representation 

● Organizing events such as yak shows and member get-togethers 

● Providing a forum through which yak owners may network regarding the 

marketing of yaks and yak products 



Organizational transparency is achieved by providing the membership access to the same information as the organization’s leadership. 

● All organizational documents are posted to the member website as soon as possible. This includes: meeting notices, agendas, and minutes from the Board of Directors and committees, as well as any reports given to the Board by any admin staff/directors. This includes regular financial documents that may include cash flow statements, bank account statements or other financial documents.

● All Board meetings are open to all members, and members are strongly encouraged to attend. 

● USYAKS Board encourages and values member input in the decision-making process. 



USYAKS is committed to building an animal registry that is void of bias, personal agendas, and favoritism. It is also committed to the ethical and humane treatment of animals and to thoughtful and respectful treatment for and between its members. USYAKS registry is based on the following: 

● A registered animal is required to have the USYAKS-sanctioned genetic test performed. 

● The full results of each genetic test will be assigned to each animal and will be fully visible to the public via the association website. 

● Each member agrees to abide by that scientific determination of class / category assigned to his/her animal. 

● USYAKS expectations include the ethical treatment of animals and strongly 

endorses Best Breeding Practices to encourage as much genetic diversity as possible and to reduce in-breeding.