Yak Fiber Study

Updated: Nov 3

Kat Tylee, owner of Little Hawks Yarns and a fiber judge at the USYAKS Show at the 2020 National Western Stock Show has designed a scientific study of yak fiber. Specifically her goal is to do a four year study (2020-2023) to measure the diameter and obtain a full histogram of the fiber of at least one hundred yaks from the yak herd in the United States. This is the information that is needed if we are to be able to compare yak fiber the fiber of other fiber producing species. It is the fundamental marketing information needed in order to successfully market yak fiber.

If you would like to participate in the study please complete the Yak Fiber Testing Form

and send the form with the collected fiber samples to:

Kat Tylee, 740 E 8 th Street, Chadron, NE 69337

Sample Collection: Collect fiber by combing. Fill a snack-sized baggie for each yak you are

collecting from. Label each bag so they can be identified with the correct yak listed on the Fiber Testing Form.

Questions may be directed to Kat Tylee:

Email: info@littlehawkyarns.com

Call/Text: 308-225-0822

Little Hawk Yarns Website: www.littlehawkyarns.com



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